0088- Geomembrane repairs with FLEXICLAD ER

Industry: Oil / Gas / Petrochemical
Problem: Rubber repair / Flexible Rubber
Project Goal: Repair damages on geomembrane liner
Location: Cyprus
Status: In Progress
Products Used: FLEXICLAD ER used for Repairing Geomembrane
Project Description

Major Oil & Gas Terminal station in Cyprus used ENECON's FLEXICLAD ER for repair at geomembranes on the base of the tanks.

FLEXICLAD ER is a two component, 100% solids, trowelable polymer composite that has been specifically formulated to repair damaged flexible components such as conveyor belts, hoses, off-road tire sidewalls, etc. For more information about FLEXICLAD ER please visit: FLEXICLAD ER

Condition prior works


Works included resurfacing with FLEXICLAD ER


After Work