0085- Fan room corrosion protection

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Problem: Corrosion / Erosion, Energy Conservation, Heat Refractive Coatings
Project Goal: Protection from Corrosion
Location: Cyprus
Status: Completed
Products Used: ENESEAL HR used for Heat refractive, ENESEAL CR used for Corrosion resistance
Project Description

ENECON Mesogios was asked to protect this fan structure on the roof of the production area for a local pharmaceutical

company. The project was a combination of both ENESEAL CR and ENESEAL HR.

ENESEAL CR incorporates a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors, UV resistant resins and pigments, erosion resistant

inorganic fillers and elastomeric acrylic polymers. Surprisingly, it is also water based! ENESEAL HR is a Ceramic-filled,

liquid membrane that dries to a seamless, flexible, durable, moisture resistant, breathable ‘skin’.

ENESEAL HR is a single component, water based, liquid ceramic-filled membrane which cures to a durable, seamless, flexible “skin” that refracts and reflects heat. For more information about ENESEAL HR please visit: ENESEAL HR

ENESEAL CR is a single component, water based, liquid coating which dries to a highly durable, corrosion resistant, elastomeric ‘skin’ that provides extraordinary environmental protection. For more information about ENESEAL CR please visit: ENESEAL CR

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