0068- Air Handlers

Industry: Food and Beverage
Problem: Heat Refractive Coatings
Project Goal: Repair & Protect
Location: United States
Status: Completed
Products Used: ENESEAL HR used for Refrective coating, ENECLAD SPS used for Waterproofing, DurAlloy used for Repair
Project Description
A common problem in older facilities is aging air handlers.  This is due in part to the inability to replace because of the associated cost.
Often a solution to the problem is not known, so year after year the unit becomes further corroded, moldy, and deteriorated.
ENECON Solutions has a cost effective fix!  We offer complete interior refurbishment by:

1.  encapsulating aging insulation with ENESEAL HR heat refractive coating

2.  waterproofing and protecting the condensate pan from corrosion with ENECLAD SPS epoxy screed

3.  offering in-place shaft repairs caused by worn bearings using DurAlloy, a machinable metal repair product with a 13,500 psi compressive strength rating

Before Work


After Work