0061- Valves in the cooling water lines

Industry: General Industry
Problem: Magnetohydrodynamics
Project Goal: eliminate scale problems
Location: United States
Status: Completed
Products Used: ENEFLOW used for eliminate scale problems
Project Description

A major international chemical and synthetic fiber manufacturer has solved their scale problems with ENEFLOW Fluid Dynamic Power Cells. The installations have been carefully documented and monitored by plant engineers to determine the effectiveness of the ENEFLOW systems. Mineral scale build-up was effectively eliminated from all fluid flow components in only ten short months, providing for more energy efficient operation.

Eliminate scale & scale-induced corrosion, help stabilize pH in all types of fluid-flow systems: Condition water with no salt, no chemicals and no external energy consumption! ENEFLOW Power Cells can also increase fuel efficiency! For more information about ENEFLOW please visit: ENEFLOW

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