0379- Concrete Secondary Containment Areas Protected

Industry: General Industry
Problem: Chemical Attack
Project Goal: Chilean Sulfur Dioxide Manufacturing Plant Selects CHEMCLAD To Protect Concrete Secondary Containment Areas
Location: Chile
Status: Completed
Project Description

At a sulfur dioxide plant located in Chile, two separate concrete chemical containment areas were in need of protection.  Because of an already existing relationship, the plant’s engineers turned to ENECON Chile for help.

The areas were first prepared with a floor grinder and then cleaned of any debris. ENECLAD CFS was then used as a primer.  Both CHEMCLAD XC and CHEMCLAD GP were used in this application as top coats.  They were chosen based on the chemicals inside the storage tanks. 

Two coats of CHEMCLAD XC were applied to the containment area containing sulfuric acid tanks.  The second containment area has tanks that contain sodium hydroxide. Two coats of CHEMCLAD GP were applied there.  Both products provide outstanding chemical resistance to the chemicals they were chosen for.

Project Images