0361- Rapid return to service concrete repair

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Problem: Leak repairs, Concrete Repair, Heavy traffic
Project Goal: Repair damaged basement
Location: Cyprus
Status: Completed
Products Used: ENECRETE DuraQuartz RR used for Rapid repair for concrete, DuraFill used for Concrete repair & filling deep damages, ENESEAL CR used for To coat and protect drainage channels where leaking to below floor
Project Description

A private hospital's entrance to its multi-storey car park in the basement, experienced mutliple concrete damages from the continuous heavy car traffic in and out of the building. 

Hospital's maintenance team entrusted our company's services for a long term solution. What sold them was that we could use a super fast setting high performance concrete repair system and thus the discomfort for doctors and patients driving in and out of the hospital would be very little. 

Three heavy traffic drainage channels, a total of 24 running meters had to be repaired. 

Our challenges were to:

  • Remove old channels and damaged concrete.
  • Replace concrete with a material that has heavy compressive strength and can bond not only to cement but to metal as well. 
  • Where needed, top up with a Rapid Repair heavy duty polymer in order to be able to return fixed area back to traffic in no more than 60 minutes. 

In four days with minimum discomfort and never discontinuing traffic, we achieved to repair all damaged areas using heavy duty concrete repair systems by ENECON. 

Check out our new Rapid Return to Service polymer composite here.

Project Images

Primed with DuraFill 
Drainage being sealed with ENESEAL CR 
Ready for heavy traffic in less than an hour!