0359- New Pumps protected from abrasion

Industry: General Industry
Problem: Abrasion Resistance
Project Goal: To protect pumps from abrasion
Location: Pig farm, Cyprus
Status: Completed
Products Used: CeramAlloy CL+AC used for Priming area to be protected, CeramAlloy CBX used for To protect from severe abrasion
Project Description

Pumps at a pig farm were always experiencing abrasion problems. Management were looking for a way to delay the wear and thus extend the life and performance of these pumps. Fourteen new pumps were entrusted to our company to protect from severe abrasion. 
Specific area to be treated was grinded with tools in order to achieve a rough surface and after applying CeramAlloy CL+AC as a primer, we applied ENECON's CeramAlloy CBX. 

Pumps not treated with ENECON's CBX


Protected with CeramAlloy CBX