0357- Moroccan floor manufacturer uses DuraFill to repair & protect their floors

Industry: Facilities Maintenance
Problem: Concrete Repair
Project Goal: To repair and protect the floor
Location: Morocco
Status: Completed
Products Used: DuraFill
Project Description

The floors at this Moroccan flour manufacturer were badly damaged, Chunks of concrete were breaking loose and crumbling. This created an unsafe working condition for employees. ENECON was asked to provide a solution that would not cause a significant amount of down time.

The first part of the project was to remove any loose concrete and debris in order to have a clean surface to repair. Next, holes, cracks, and joints were completely filled with ENECRETE DuraFill. In order to level the floors, another thin layer of DuraFill was applied. To finish the job, a final topcoat of DuraFill tinted light gray in the field was applied. With DuraFill’ s exceptional compressive strength, the floors of this facility are now prepared to face even the toughest conditions.

Before Work


After Work