0350- Office building drain pipe repaired with DurAlloy & protected with CeramAlloy

Industry: Facilities Maintenance
Problem: Leak repairs
Project Goal: To repair the drain pipe
Location: United States
Status: Completed
Products Used: SpeedAlloy, CeramAlloy CL+AC
Project Description

This eight inch diameter drain pipe was located thirty six feet in the air, behind a drop ceiling, in an office building lobby in southern Florida. The building’s maintenance team found a three foot long crack in the pipe that was leaking.

Initially, the building’s maintenance team used an aerosol spray-on flexible “rubber” repair material which quickly failed. A reliable, proven solution was needed fast. The ENECON Field Engineering Specialist was contacted and a new, trusted solutions was agreed to.

The flexible repair material and rust had to be removed from the pipe. The pipe was mechanically ground to the appropriate profile. Then the crack was cleaned by using a small wire brush. The pipe was cleaned with denatured alcohol.

METALCLAD DurAlloy was used to repair the cracked pipe surface. Additional DurAlloy was then applied to the entire pipe followed by overlapping layers of reinforcing mesh to provide structural stability to the pipe. A third layer of DurAlloy was applied on top of the mesh.

Finally, METALCLAD CeramAlloy CL+AC gray was applied to the entire pipe to provide ultimate corrosion protection.

Project Images