0346- FLEXICLAD repairs cavitated pump in Puerto Rico

Industry: Water / Wastewater / Desalination
Problem: Cavitation
Project Goal: Rebuild and protect the pump
Location: Puerto Rico
Status: Completed
Project Description

The stainless steel impeller of this large pump, located at a waste water treatment facility in Puerto Rico, was suffering from severe cavitation.

The facility engineers needed a fast, reliable as well as cost-effective repair. The local ENECON Distributor was contacted to help find a solution.

It was decided that the impeller would first be prepared by grit blasting, followed by all cavitated areas being rebuilt with DuraTough DP.

The impeller was then protected from future cavitation damage with DuraTough DL.

In addition, CeramAlloy CL+AC was also used to protect the impeller’s edges. CeramAlloy CP+AC and CL+AC were also used to rebuild and protect the pump casing which had significant corrosion damage.

This job was completed on time and under budget to the delight of the facility engineers.

CeramAlloy CL+AC used to protect the impeller’s edges.

Project Images