0343- ENECON Solution for a Canadian Iron Mill

Industry: General Industry
Problem: Corrosion / Erosion, Concrete Repair
Project Goal: To protect a new clarifier
Location: Canada
Status: Completed
Project Description

Clarifier tanks, like this one, are used in the process to manufacture iron pellets. Pellets are small balls of iron are used in the production of steel. These tanks help separate the tailings from the iron ore before the pellet manufacturing process begins.

After years of use and exposure to the elements, this tank at a pellet manufacturing plant in Canada needed to be replaced. The old tank was removed and ENECRETE DuraQuartz was used to repair the concrete base before the new tank was installed. Because this tank was situated between two buildings a 250 ton crane was used to lower the new tank sections into place.

DuraQuartz was used again to fill in any gaps where the tank met the uneven, old concrete base. The new tank and base were then joined and held in place using a bolted steel flange. The joint between the flange and the concrete base inside and outside of the tank were then sealed with FLEXICLAD PC. This will allow for expansion and contraction where these two dissimilar materials meet.

Lastly, ENESEAL CR was finally applied to the outer flange area to provide corrosion resistance.

Project Images

Applying DuraQuartz 
Flexiclad PC applied 
ENESEAL CR applied 
ENESEAL CR applied 
ENESEAL CR applied 
ENESEAL CR applied