0318- San Francisco Ferry Back in Service with Help from ENECON

Industry: Marine
Problem: Corrosion / Erosion
Project Goal: To repair the ferry from hazardous condition
Location: United States
Status: Completed
Products Used: DuraTough DL, DurAlloy
Project Description

This commuter ferry operating in San Francisco Bay was experiencing an unusual problem. Its twin hull, catamaran design incorporates "tongue and groove" aluminium deck boards to span the area between the hulls. Salt water was coming up through the boards causing accelerated corrosion. In addition, the carpeting in the passenger compartment was constantly wet, resulting in complaints from the commuters and a potentially hazardous condition.

The vessel owners and the yard carrying out the repairs wanted a material to prevent further water entry - while at the same time being somewhat resilient to take up the inevitable deck movement. Everyone agreed with the ENECON Field Engineer’s suggestion that ENECON DuraTough DL was the product of choice.

After preparing the surface, a number of badly pitted areas were identified and spot repairs were carried out using METALCLAD DurAlloy. DuraTough was then applied, followed by the application of DuraTough DL to the entire deck area.

After the DuraTough application was completed, new carpeting was installed and the vessel returned to service.

Project Images