0301- Florida’s Oldest Wastewater Treatment Plant Uses DuraWrap & DuraQuartz

Industry: Water / Wastewater / Desalination
Problem: Pipe Wrap Systems, Concrete Repair
Project Goal: To repair and protect pipes of Florida’s oldest Wastewater Treatment plants
Location: United States
Status: Completed
Products Used: DuraWrap, DuraQuartz LW
Project Description

One Of Florida’s Oldest Wastewater Treatment Plants Uses DuraWrap & DuraQuartz To Salvage Sludge Discharge Pipes...Saving $500,000

Built in 1927, one of the oldest wastewater treatment plants in Florida was facing a potential $500,000+ sludge discharge pipe replacement. These pipes are embedded in a concrete tank wall. Replacement of these pipes would require that the tank wall be demolished and rebuilt.

The ENECON Field Engineering Specialist recommended the DuraWrap Carbon Fiber Pipe Wrap System to save these critical pipes.

The concrete walls and pipes were first grit blasted. The pipes were then primed with DuraWrap Primer and the carbon fiber was wetted out with the DuraWrap Polymer. The tank’s vertical concrete wall was then repaired with DuraQuartz LW.

This repair cost the plant approximately $6,000, half-a-million dollars cheaper than a pipe replacement!

Project Images