0281- Computer Room Roof Leak Solved With ENESEAL HR

Industry: General Industry
Problem: Leak repairs, Roofs
Project Goal: To repair and protect the roof from leak
Location: Canada
Status: Completed
Products Used: ENESEAL HR
Project Description

Computer Room Roof Leak Solved With ENESEAL HR

One roof leak is bad enough, but when one leaking roof causes a second roof to leak, that’s really trouble!

This is precisely what happened at a Canadian paper mill located in Quebec.

The main roof was leaking on top of the plant’s computer room - and that roof was leaking too! The plant engineers wanted an easy to apply, flexible material that would seal the computer room roof and then be able to move and flex with this modular structure. Martin DeSerres, the local ENECON Distributor in Quebec, proposed a simple solution...ENESEAL HR.

The roof was cleaned and then two coats of ENESEAL HR were applied to completely seal the computer room roof. Just a few days and about $2,500 worth of ENESEAL solved the problem quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Project Images