0264- DuraQuartz & CHEMCLAD polymer solutions repair & protect sulfuric acid containment areas

Industry: Facilities Maintenance
Problem: Concrete Repair, Chemical Attack
Project Goal: To repair & protect sulphuric acid containment areas with DuraQuartz & CHEMCLAD
Location: United States
Status: Completed
Products Used: CHEMCLAD XC used for slip resistance, DuraQuartz used for rebuilding all of the pitted and worn-out areas on the concrete
Project Description

Southern California Municipality uses DuraQuartz & CHEMCLAD to repair & protect sulfuric acid containment areas

The sulfuric acid containment areas at this central utilities plant, responsible for providing municipal buildings in southern California with heat & cool air, were experiencing damage due to the harsh conditions. The high concentration sulfuric acid had eaten up the previous protective coating and had now began destroying the concrete. 

The plant engineers were looking for a long lasting and cost effective solution that would not only successfully rebuild the old damaged concrete but be tough enough to withstand the aggressive sulfuric acid in case of a spill.

The surface was cleaned, power washed and the acid on the substrate was neutralized. ENECRETE DuraQuartz was used to rebuild all of the pitted and worn-out areas on the concrete.

After the concrete area was completely built up to specifications, two coats of CHEMCLAD XC were applied. A non-skid aggregate was broadcast in the top coat to provide slip resistance.

The entire project was done by only one plant employee who completed the job in just two days. The plant engineers were extremely pleased with the results and are now trusting ENECON with their toughest repair and maintenance issues.

Project Images