0235- Pharmaceutical company in Cyprus protects pipe structures

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Problem: Pipe Wrap Systems, Energy Conservation, Heat Refractive Coatings
Project Goal: Seal & Protect pipe insulation
Location: Cyprus
Status: Completed
Products Used: ENESEAL CR used for steel protection, ENESEAL HR used for pipe insulation repair and protection
Project Description

A pharmaceutical company in Cyprus was looking for a cost effective solution to protect the damaged insulation on their pipe structures. 

Two areas in the factory were experiencing of many such issues. 

ENECON Mesogios Ltd, offered to solve the problem by using the ENESEAL family of products by ENECON.

Steps included:

  • Cleaning with water the old insulation and wire brushing rusted metal where exposed.
  • All pipes were then wrapped up by using a special fiber mesh, incorporated with ENESEAL CR, a high performance elastomeric polymer with corrosion inhibitors.
  • Finally, two coats of ENESEAL HR were applied in order to provide a protection from the environment while introducing a heat refraction effect.

It has been since 2015 since this project took place and the pipe structure is in great condition with no problems whatsoever.





After Work