0231- University Building Leaks Stopped With ENESEAL

Industry: Facilities Maintenance
Problem: Leak repairs
Project Goal: Stop Leakages
Location: United States
Status: Completed
Products Used: ENESEAL CR used for Protection
Project Description

An area where these roof top air circulation pipes converge to enter a university building was vulnerable to leaks from rainwater. When this area leaked, water would drip down to laboratories below filled with expensive equipment. The pipes are spiral wound stainless steel, so corrosion is not a problem, however rainwater was entering the pipes through the pipe-winding joints. Earlier spot repairs circled in the before photos were not effective. The university maintenance team needed a better solution. It was decided that all the joints would be sealed with specialized joint sealing tape followed by spray applied two coats of ENESEAL CR. The ENECON solution solved the leak problem and the university maintenance team is extremely happy. The local ENECON Engineering Specialist is no looking at other similar solutions on campus.

Project Images