0198- Canal Pump Station

Industry: Water / Wastewater / Desalination
Problem: Concrete Repair
Project Goal: Floor Repair
Location: United States
Status: Completed
Products Used: DuraQuartz used for Repair, CHEMCLAD P4C used for Protection, CHEMCLAD SC used for Protection
Project Description

The floors of this Florida canal pump station were severely degraded.

Brackish canal water is mixed with 12% sodium hypochlorite and reclaimed wastewater to create water that is used for much needed irrigation in the area.

After preparing the surfaces and removing all of the loose concrete, the degraded areas were repaired with DuraQuartz.

CHEMCLAD P4C was used to prime the entire area, then CHEMCLAD SC was used to provide chemical resistant properties to this floor.

This project totaled about $7,500 and the pump station maintenance team was so pleased with the results 4 more pump stations have been scheduled for repair and protection.


Project Images