0196- IFR aluminum repair

Industry: Oil / Gas / Petrochemical
Problem: Leak repairs, Steel Protection
Project Goal: To repair damages safely and with as less downtime as possible
Location: Limassol, Cyprus
Status: Completed
Products Used: CeramAlloy CP+AC used for Bonding new alumimum sheet
Project Description

Client requested a material to seal damages on the IFR aluminum sheet inside a full fuel tank. 

Product to be used had to be completely safe to use in an environment where fuel was present. Our CeramAlloy CP+AC, was ideal for this project since it was both Mix & Apply and with excellent resistance to fuel.

With a 5 minute on site training, client was able to filter all knowledge required to enter the fuel tank and accomplish the task in what seemed to be a very difficult repair. 

The procedure used was to apply an extra sheet of aluminum over the damaged one, using our CeramAlloy CP+AC as a bonding agent.

This repair, saved client both money and downtime. 

Before Work