0189- ENESEAL HR Protects Concrete Structures

Industry: Water / Wastewater / Desalination
Problem: Concrete Repair
Project Goal: Concrete protection
Location: United States
Status: Completed
Products Used: ENESEAL HR used for Protection
Project Description

A local municipal water authority in South Carolina suffered from concrete problems at concrete structures.

Years of neglect as well as old failed coating systems had caused these concrete structures to show signs of degradation. Solution Clean and prepare all concrete  surfaces.

Then apply 2 coats of ENESEAL HR. Both structures were power washed to remove dirt and any old failed coatings were manually removed with a scraper.

Not only does ENESEAL HR provide a clean uniform look, it will provide heat refraction properties and protect the concrete from any future atmospheric corrosion. 

Before Work


After Cleaning


After Work