0184- Church Roof ‘Saved’ With ENESEAL HR

Industry: Residential
Problem: Roofs
Project Goal: Protection
Location: Canada
Status: Completed
Products Used: ENESEAL HR used for Protection
Project Description

Martin DeSerres, ENECON’s Distributor in Quebec, Canada, provided the following ‘inspirational’ report and pictures. “On a summer day this past summer I was driving by a church and noticed that the roof was in very bad shape.  So I decided to stop and went to see whoever was there.  I was introduced to the pastor who told me, “You could not have come here at a better time.  We are looking to repair that roof.”

I started to talk about ENESEAL and the priest was listening very intently.  He finally said, “Do you have applications around here that were done with ENESEAL?” So I took him, along with two other members of the church, and drove them to see other applications that we had completed in the Montreal area.  The sale was made.  They ordered 60 buckets of ENESEAL HR and coated the roof themselves.”

Before Work


After Work