0174- 27 Year Old Cooling Towers

Industry: Facilities Maintenance
Problem: Safety Surfacing
Project Goal: Protection
Location: United States
Status: Completed
Products Used: DurAlloy used for Repairs, CHEMCLAD SC used for Protection, ENESEAL CR used for Corrosion Protection
Project Description

A large data centre based in downtown Seattle, WA required a solution to extend the life of their twenty-seven-year-old cooling towers, which were original to the building.

Due to their roof top location and potential cost, replacement was not a practical option. After successfully protecting this cooling tower’s support beams two years prior (ES-053), ENECON was tasked to work with a local contractor to fully refurbish the cooling towers to optimum operating condition.

The towers were first stripped of all equipment, fill, etc. to provide access for the ENECON Turnkey Application Team to adequately prepare all the interior metal, address holes and preserve the substrate.

Once surface preparation was complete, all holes were repaired with METALCLAD DurAlloy. Two coats of CHEMCLAD SC were then applied to the internal structure of the cooling towers to provide long-term protection and extend the service life of these crucial pieces of equipment.

Once the interior was complete, critical areas of the exterior were coated with ENESEAL CR to provide corrosion protection to the outside of these units from the elements.

Once again, the building’s management was thrilled with the results.

Before Work


After Work