0169- Leakage stop (Reverse Osmosis tank)

Industry: Food and Beverage
Problem: Leak repairs, Concrete Repair, Moisture
Project Goal: Eliminate leaks
Location: Cyprus
Status: Completed
Products Used: ENECRETE WS used for Stop Leakage
Project Description
This Reverse Osmosis tank (part of the brewery biological plant operation) when emptied it showed leaks in a few areas at the bottom.
Water from the adjusted tank was penetrating through the walls. 
After a couple of trials we managed to seal the leaks using ENECON's ENECRETE WS. 
In regards to the exposed corroded metal inside the tank, prior to any works (i.e. filling / repairing of crack and final coating) we applied ENESEAL CR our one component corrosion inhibitor polymer composite. 
ENECRETE WS is a protective and waterproofing product for masonry structures. It employs a multiple curing reaction process to impart its exceptional properties. For more information about ENECRETE WS please visit: ENECRETE WS

Before Work


After Cleaning


After Work