0155- Container Ships Pipes

Industry: Marine
Problem: Corrosion / Erosion
Project Goal: Protection
Location: Germany
Status: Completed
Products Used: DurAlloy used for Repair, ENESEAL CR used for Protection
Project Description

Oil tank ventilation pipes located on German container vessels, part of a major German shipping line, were suffering from heavy corrosion causing pitting and massive holes in the pipes.

Damage of this nature to these pipes would cause oil leaks as well as vapor leaks which could be a health risk to those on board.

To find a fast, reliable and cost effective solution, ENECON Germany was contacted and it was recommended that a combination of METALCLAD DurAlloy followed by ENESEAL CR be used to repair then protect these venting pipes.

After minimal preparation of the pipes, the large holes were repaired with stainless steel patches shaped to the contour of the pipes and adhered using DurAlloy.

A first coat of ENESEAL CR was then applied. The pipes were wrapped with a fiberglass reinforcement tape and then overcoated with a second layer of ENESEAL CR creating a highly durable, corrosion resistant, elastomeric ‘skin’ providing extraordinary environmental protection.

The vessel owners were so impressed with the results that other ships in the fleet with similar problems will be repaired then protected with ENECON products.

ENESEAL CR is a single component, water based, liquid coating which dries to a highly durable, corrosion resistant, elastomeric ‘skin’ that provides extraordinary environmental protection. For more information about ENESEAL CR please visit: ENESEAL CR

METALCLAD DurAlloy is a two-component, 100% solids, multi-purpose polymer composite which can be easily machined on a lathe, drilled, tapped, filed, sanded and polished. For more information about METALCLAD DurAlloy please visit: METALCLAD DurAlloy

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After Cleaning


After Work