0150- Roof-Top Air Handler Fans & Ductwork

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Problem: Corrosion / Erosion
Project Goal: Protection
Location: United States
Status: Completed
Products Used: ENESEAL CR used for Protection
Project Description

Pharmaceutical Company Uses ENESEAL CR to Protect Roof-Top Air Handler Fans in Eastern U.S. the problem was environmental corrosion was causing severe rust conditions on the fans, pads and ductwork. Not only did the building engineers want to stop the rust but they also required a uniform, medium gloss, brush/roller mark-free finish. ENESEAL CR was chosen to satisfy all of the above criteria. This work was done over the course of 5 months and the engineers we so pleased with the results it has lead to many other applications at the facility.

ENESEAL CR is a single component, water based, liquid coating which dries to a highly durable, seamless, weather resistant, corrosion resistant, elastomeric ‘skin’ that provides extraordinary environmental protection to metal and concrete / masonry surfaces. It can be applied as a top coat over most zinc primers and is also available in ‘safety yellow’. For more information about ENESEAL CR please visit: ENESEAL CR

Before Work


After Work