0129- Water Plant

Industry: Water / Wastewater / Desalination
Problem: Concrete Repair
Project Goal: Repair Concrete
Location: United States
Status: Completed
Products Used: DuraFill used for Rebuilt, DuraQuartz used for Rebuilt
Project Description

Water Plant in Miami suffered from concrete damage so he referred at ENECON for a money saving solution. Local representative used DuraFill & DuraQuartz to secure a JIB CRANE to a concrete platform.

ENECRETE DuraFill is a two component, 100% solids, high performance polymer system specifically designed for broadcast flooring applications as well as for filling deeper holes and cavities in concrete. In both cases, the DuraFill is combined with locally sourced aggregates to provide unrivaled performance in some of the most demanding floor repair and protection applications.

It is very versatile. It exhibits extraordinary adhesion to virtually any type of mineral substrate as well as most metals. It has excellent compressive strength, impact resistance as well as thermal shock resistance. DuraFill is not only for concrete; it will also bond to marble, slate, stone, brick, terrazzo, tiles, most metals, wood…even rigid plastics and glass! For more information on DuraFill please visit: ENECRETE DuraFill

ENECRETE DuraQuartz is a three component, 100% solids, concrete repair compound specifically formulated and precisely engineered to provide solutions to even the most difficult concrete repair and protection problems.

It is extremely versatile. It can be mixed to any consistency – from a viscous liquid to a stiff mortar. ENECRETE DuraQuartz is the professional’s choice for repairing critical areas subject to shock, impact, abrasion and chemical attack. For more information about ENECRETE DuraQuartz please visit: ENECRETE DuraQuartz

Before Work

Bolts were secured onto base and a  pattern or mold was created of wood for conformity and placement of bolts on platform. 

After Cleaning

Rebar was welded on a criss-cross pattern as additional reinforcement to be buried in 6” of DuraFill. 
Using the pattern, 2.5” holes by 1 foot  deep were drilled into the concrete.  
The holes were filled halfway DuraQuartz, which was prepared to a liquidy consistency and the bolts were engaged when the DuraQuartz got tacky. 
A 6” platform was poured with DuraFill to bury the criss-cross rebar. The DuraFill adheres to the rebar @ 3000psi making this crane very secure. 

After Work

Ready to have crane’s  base lowered onto bolts for final stage of installation. 
Ready to have crane’s  base lowered onto bolts for final stage of installation. 
Ready to have crane’s  base lowered onto bolts for final stage of installation.