0128- Dairy Biological plant

Industry: Food and Beverage
Problem: Corrosion / Erosion, Chemical Attack
Project Goal: Chemical Protection
Location: Limassol, Cyprus
Status: Completed
Products Used: CHEMCLAD XC used for Protection
Project Description

A large dairy production plant wanted to protect a steel tank operating at their biological station. After grit blasting, ENECON Mesogios, applied 2 coats of CHEMCLAD XC inside and out for maximum protection.

Within 5 working days (3 days was for the curing) the tank was delivered to the plant.

CHEMCLAD XC is a two component, 100% solids, ultra high performance, chemical resistant coating that provides unrivaled protection in some of the toughest chemical environments. For more information on CHEMCLAD XC please visit: CHEMCLAD XC 

Project Images