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Repair, reclaim, reinforce & extend the life of all types of metal & concrete pipes & tanks.

DuraWrap polymer/carbon fiber reinforced composite makes repairing and rebuilding aging, often severely deteriorated piping, tanks and other fluid flow equipment possible.

The ENECON DuraWrap composite, a unique marriage of ENECON ‘s high performance polymers and cutting-edge, space-age carbon fiber technology, was specifically created to repair, rebuild, reinforce and even restore the integrity of such fluid flow systems – thereby greatly extending their service life and eliminating the need for expensive replacement.

DuraWrap can be applied to the interior and/or exterior of piping and equipment to both seal and strengthen these components. When applied to the interior walls of underground or otherwise inaccessible piping, DuraWrap™ can effectively repair and restore piping integrity without expensive excavation and replacement.

The outstanding performance of the ENECON DuraWrap system allows today’s maintenance professional to extend the service life of yesterday’s equipment and structures.

  • 100% Solids
  • Requires No Heat
  • Ultra High Tensile Strength
  • Extraordinary Adhesion
  • Safe & Simple to Use
  • No Special Tools Required

About us
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  • Case Study: DuraWrap Repair in Thailand
  • 60 year old pump saved