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A durable, seamless, moisture resistant, flexible skin.

ENESEAL HR is a single component, water based, liquid ceramic-filled membrane which cures to a durable, seamless, flexible “skin” that refracts and reflects heat while providing a moisture resistant barrier to virtually any type of surface… i.e., all types of insulation, plastics, concrete, brick, block, slate, tiles, wood, metal, bitumen, glass, tar/asphalts, etc.

ENESEAL HR is easily applied by brush, roller or spray. Because it’s water based, cleanup is quick and easy with soap and water. Completely non-toxic and non-flammable.


Sudden expansion and contraction resulting from thermal shock produces incredible stress on roofing – inevitably shortening its life and causing leaks.

Winds drive beneath unsealed areas, lifting and loosening material as well as shaking the structure, moving and twisting the roof.

An improperly sealed roof invites water to seep in and freeze, expanding by 25%, exerting extreme force and cracking protective surfaces.

Atmospheric pollutants produce highly acidic compounds which weaken cement, bitumastic materials and metal flashings.

Heavy loads of snow stress the roof, pushing typical roofing materials beyond their breaking point.

Plant spores and seeds take their toll on your roof. Roots attack structures physically and chemically and, over time, can be as damaging as any storm.

The cost effective and commercially proven solution to all of these problems: ENESEAL HR!

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